Vision Boards

Create Your Own Goal Map

Vision boards are powerful visualization tools that help you activate the law of attraction.

You can use them to to manifest your dreams into your own personalized reality. While creativity collages have been around for many years, the popular documentary, The Secret, has renewed interest in their use. Success expert, John Assaraf, showed viewers how he successfully used one to achieve his dream house.

What are Vision Boards?

Also known as a goal board, goal map, or treasure map, this visual explorer is a collage of everything you want to be, do and have. Simply stated, it is a personal poster board containing cut-out pictures, drawings and/or writing which represent what you want to become, activities you want to perform and/or possessions you wish to accumulate. Anything you want to be, do or have.

"Everything that's coming into your life you are attracting into your life. And it's attracted by virtue of the images you're holding in your mind. It's what you're thinking. Whatever is going on in your mind you are attracting to you."
~Bob Proctor

A Goal Map

Is all about what YOU want to create. Use pictures and power words that are important to you.

Surround yourself with these positive images and your life will change to match those desires.

Looking at the goal map frequently will allow the law of attraction to work towards that which you want. If you carefully select pictures and words that excite you and fill you with passion, you can begin to manifest all that you have placed on your goal board.

Make Your Own Vision Board

Your treasure map is only limited by your own imagination and creativity. It can be as simple or intricate as you like, as long as looking at it brings up strong gotta-have-it emotions. Pay attention to how a picture or word strikes you. Use whatever makes you feel alive!

How do I Make Creativity Collages?

You can make a goal board using poster board, magazines (get lots of 'em!) and glue. Look through a variety of magazines and find images and words that inspire you. Focus on collecting pictures as your subconscious mind interprets images more strongly than words. Supplement them with words if it increases your emotional response.

Place them in a pile and put your favorites on the board. If you wish, you can create a theme for each corner, such as Career, Health, Relationships, Spirituality, etc. My goal board has four areas representing the perfect square - health, wealth, love and happiness.

Vision Board Software

There is also software which allows you to create goal maps on your computer. Some packages even come with a repository of images that you can select. This way, you don't have to stockpile magazines.

Vision Board Software Create your own online.

Your Own Personalized Treasure Map

Use visual goal boards to create the reality that you desire. Don't ever throw them away. It's fun to look back at older collages to see just how many of your dreams have been realized.