Thought Vibration

Use Thought Vibration to Get What You Want

How do I use thought vibration?

Imagine your perfect life. Or picture something you really want. Perhaps a person you really want to meet. Suppose you need a new kidney. Or maybe you're just broke and would like to come into a large sum of money. You can use thought vibration to get all that you desire.

The secret to success lies in controlling your thoughts.

Thoughts are Things

Essentially, you are using your mind to affect the external universe. There is more to our minds than we understand and, as William Walker Atkinson wrote in his book Thought Vibration or The Law of Attraction in the Thought World, we can use our minds to attain our wildest dreams. We only need believe it.

Positive Thoughts vs Perilous Thoughts

The theory of focusing your thoughts is related to the Law of Attraction, which states that if you want something bad enough you'll have it. But, it also works the other way. If you're pessimistic, you'll have perilous thoughts and bad things will happen to you.

The Secret Thought Vibration

The Law of Attraction became famous recently when The Secret movie and book were released to the masses. The idea became very popular, as people began to see that the theory actually works. The secret is in tuning your thoughts towards your desires so that you can tune into the right vibration.

But, It's Difficult for me to Tune in the Right Frequency of Thought

In order to harness this power, you must focus on what you want. You must really concentrate on that thing or situation or person or whatever else it is that you desire. You must focus all your energy on it. Then you must visualize yourself having that thing, or being that person you want to be, or living in that dream home; whatever you're ultimate dreams are. Make them real in your mind and you'll have them in real life.

However, you must follow a third step to bring you what you desire. You must be open to the idea of allowing yourself to have what you want.

Too many people are afraid of success. You may want it, or say you do, but you sabotage yourself somehow because, deep down, you're afraid of getting what you're trying to attain. This may be because you're afraid success will change you. Or it may be because you're depressed. Or you have a naturally pessimistic outlook on life.

Whatever the reason, you must open your mind and allow that thing to come into your life. You must create the opportunity for you to succeed. And all that really takes is believing in yourself.

The Placebo Effect?

There are of course opponents to the idea of the role of thoughts and the Law of Attraction; as there are opponents to every other ground breaking idea. These opponents claim it's not this energy that's creating success or giving people what they desire. Rather, it's the boost in self confidence the idea offers that opens all of those doors and creates fantastic opportunities. This argument essentially claims that people who believe in this phenomenon are under the 'placebo effect'.

Yet there are many out there who have had success with Thought Vibration. By believing strongly in what you want, you can actually attain it.

And you can succeed at anything you attempt.