Surviving Job Loss

If you're unemployed, the law of attraction may be the last thing on your mind while surviving job loss depression.

Surviving Job LossWhen it first hits you, you have no idea how losing your job may actually be a blessing in disguise. Or that you can use it to your advantage. But, this is the time that you should be most grateful and use positive visualization for better things to come. Maybe you didn't like your old job very much. Maybe the pay wasn't as much as you like. Or maybe you liked your role. If so, know that there is always another job and now is time to find one even better!

To get through this trying time, (and you will!) you just need to do two things.

  1. Land a job that you love and deserve and/or start your own business
  2. Take care of your emotional needs by staying positive

If you work on both of these actions, the worry and depression that most people feel when surviving job loss will be taken out of the equation. You can control your success in whatever career you choose. Right now, it may appear that you're going through a temporary setback. When you bounce back, you will be stronger and happier than ever. Who knows? This may have been the Universe's way of getting you out of a situation that didn't suit you and put you on a better path.

Positive Visualization - Job Hunting Strategy

Okay, so you're probably feeling a whirlwind of negative emotions and your focus is likely on the fact that you are currently unemployed. That's good! Why? Because all you have to do now is shift your focus and emotions. Now that you are aware of what you don't want (and how you don't want to feel), you can concentrate on the opposite to realize what you do want.

Take time and let it sink in. Be quiet with your thoughts. What didn't you like about your former job? Change your mental imagery into something you want. Experience it in your mind and in your heart. Allow the power of energy-filled emotions to reach out to the universe and change the course of your employment status. Pull out your dream board, notepad or meditation CD.

(Thought + Emotion) + Positive Expectation = Inspired Action

The Law of Deliberate Creation

You can create what you want, but you have to know what it is you want and believe you can have it before the Universe can deliver it.

As you embark on this quiet time, begin a series of lists. What down a list of your hobbies, skills, interests, and tendencies. Look deep within yourself to see what it is, that you truly want to do. Come up with ideas of jobs you may be interested in.

Though it may seem counterintuitive while surviving job loss, think about the possibility of starting your own business. Think of ways you can combine your skills and interests. Even if your dream job may seem to be be temporarily out of reach because of location, education or funds, focus on finding a job that will continue to renew your desire to one day pursue what you love.

Then get out there and begin pounding pavement. Not just for jobs, but to build contacts as well. Seek organizations in the fields and industries that interest you. If in need, don't be afraid or embarrassed to seek social services assistance. Remember every little bit helps and every little bit is getting you closer to your goal.

Law of Attraction Techniques for Surviving Job Loss

Sing songs and laugh out loud. Rent comedies or go to a comedy club. Don't cut yourseGratitude Journallf off from people, unless they only serve to bring you down. Stay connected and in touch with those who will give you support.

Stay busy with job hunting, positive reflection and taking part in activities that are fun for you. In fact, make it your goal to find something fun to do every day. If you don't currently work out, start now. Exercise is medically proven to lower stress and produce feel-good chemicals inside the brain.

And lastly, don't forget to express your gratitude to the universe every day. If you haven't already, start a gratitude journal. Focus on what you do have and the universe will reward you with even more to be grateful about.