Subliminal Messaging

Subliminal Messaging

What are subliminal messages?

Subliminal messaging directly targets your subconscious mind. The conscious (or logical) mind learns through practice and repetition. Everything you learn consciously is stored into your subconsciousness.

These types of messages are purposely designed to bypass the conscious mind. This is so that the logic center in your brain will not filter them out. Used correctly, positive messages heard at this level can help you get out of your own way.

How do Subliminal Messages Work?

Repeated messages recorded at a level imperceptible to the logical mind will impress upon your subconscious, without you having to consciously "learn them." With enough use, they can actually shift your self beliefs.

Everyday, we are bombarded with more information than we can process. Some of this filters into our subconscious. Not a good thing if we are constantly absorbing negativity. Frequently listening to positive messages and affirmations will allow you to create the changes you desire.

If we were still young children, we would probably not need this extra help as our logic centers would not be fully developed. But, as adults, our logical mind acts as a goalkeeper and filters out much of the information presented to us. That can be a bad thing if we are trying to transform the areas of our lives where we are dissatisfied.

But, the effects of subliminal messages can be astounding. When you direct targeted positive messaging that reaches the subconscious mind, you can make changes that your logical mind may think are impossible.

Do Subliminal Messages Really Work?

In my experience, yes. They can be used to improve any area in your life, both mental and physical.

It is based on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), which was created by John Grinder and Richard Bandler in the 1970s. NLP looks at the messages you tell yourself. It then changes them to match the language of someone who has those qualities that you desire.

If you think that money is hard to earn and you don't have enough, NLP will suggest a phrase that is more in line with what you want to create. For instance, you could stop telling that story and start saying something along the lines of, "Money comes easily and frequently."

The recordings repeat positive affirmations so you don't have to. That way, you won't feel like Jack Handey as you stand in front of your mirror. "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!"

Subliminal Messages in Music

You will not "hear" the affirmations, but they will find their way into your subconscious. Many recordings are set to music or nature sounds. I find it soothing to listen to the ocean sounds or complete silence. Frankly, I don't think their nature sounds are very relaxing. They make me want to grab a fly swatter.

The great thing about these recordings are that you can use them at any time of the day. Unlike hypnosis, you are not put into a trance. They won't make you drowsy. So, yes, you can use them while driving or operating heavy machinery*. Listen in your car, at work, while you exercise, or even while you sleep.

Free Subliminal Messages

Attract Money In Abundance

Real Subliminal offers a free subliminal MP3 so you can try it out. They will ask for your email to offer you tips on getting the most out of your free brain entrainment subliminal downloads.

They also have a variety of brainwave entrainment mp3 recordings that can help you in using the Law of Attraction. And they come in mp format for instant download so you can start using and experimenting with free binaural beats immediately. You can also order a CD if you wish.

Three Law of Attraction favorites:

Make Subliminal Tapes

Make your own subliminal messages

If you don't see one that clicks for you, you can also make subliminal tapes of your own.

Choose your affirmations and your background, and they will create your own customized subliminal recordings. Whether you want to subliminal messages in music, nature sounds or silence, using affirmations that make your heart sing will speed the process of manifestation.

*Always exercise caution while driving or operating heavy machinery. Especially while doing both.