Pollyanna and the Glad Game

Pollyanna Glad Game

My Law of Attraction Coach told me to read Pollyanna. At first I questioned why. Then I read it. And I was glad.

I had heard of the book, but remembered it being described to me with a negative connotation. Especially when used as an adjective. When you are described in that way, it means you are 'an excessively or blindly optimistic person.' The last thing I wanted to be was naive.


An excessively or blindly optimistic person.

First published in 1913 by Eleanor H Porter, the book was written for children. Though written for a child, there is much adults can learn from the story.

Eleanor H Porter also wrote a sequel called Pollyanna Grows Up.

The Glad Game

The story is about an orphaned young girl who finds a way to see the best in everything. Her father, a pastor, had taught her to play the "Glad Game." The object is to look for something about any circumstance to be happy about. The worse the situation the harder (or more fun) the game is.

PollyannaismOn one occasion, when she had been wanting a doll, she opened a missionary barrel that contained crutches. She initially wept, but her father taught her to be happy that she didn't have to use them.

The young girl began to play the game in earnest. When her father passed away and she was sent east to live with her aunt, Pollyanna's glowing attitude literally transformed the town around her. Including her cold aunt and a crochety old man that spoke with no one else in the town. Everyone benefitted from her positive energy and she taught them all to play the Glad Game.

This children's book shows that when you change your attitude, the world changes around you.

Pollyanna Board Game

A board game was published between 1915 and 1967 by Parker Brothers. It is a variant of Parcheesi. The object of that game is to be the first player to move four pieces from the start around the board to home.

What Does Being Glad Have to Do With The Law of Attraction?

Glad Game When you look for things to complain about, you will surely find them.

The opposite is also true. No matter how bad something may seem, learn to look for the silver lining.

If you live in a state of gratitude, you are letting go of your resistance. This allows what you have asked for to come into your existence. Learn to be happy with what you have now and more of the same will come to you.


Become optimistic and find things to be glad about. Gratitude will grease the wheels in all of your manifestation efforts.

The book differs in the end from the Disney movie with Hayley Mills. I prefer this version.

I highly recommend reading the book first before watching the DVD. Download a free copy of the book here.