Message in the Water

Hidden Message in the WaterThoughts create. This is driven home by the fascinating research of Dr. Masuru Emoto as shown in his book, The Hidden Message in the Water.

Dr. Emoto, graduate of the Yokohama Municipal University, is fascinated by the molecular structure of water and what affects it.

Using high-speed photography, Dr. Emoto, discovered that the crystals which form in frozen water change according to the thoughts directed towards them. The energy of thoughts and feelings actually changed their molecular structure!

Thoughts & Feelings

Truly affect physical reality.

Music and the source of the water also played a role in the type of water crystals that are created. Music changed the 'expression' of the crystals, and water from poor sources failed to rpoerly crystallize. He found that water from clear springs as well as water that has been exposed to loving words produced brilliant, colorful and complex snowflake patterns. But, frozen water that had been polluted or was subjected to negative thoughts, formed incomplete, asymmetrical patterns with dull colors.

How are Crystals Formed?

Beautiful, symmetrical crystal patterns emerged with thoughts of:

  • Love
  • Thank You
  • Gratitude
  • Peace
  • Amazing Grace

In stark contrast, asymmetrical, discolored and incomplete crystals formed with the following thoughts:

  • Anger
  • Demon
  • You make me sick. I will kill you.

It's true: thoughts create. It's proven that water from clear springs produced beautiful crystals while polluted water created distorted and dull crystals. But, If the same polluted water was blessed with healing thoughts and prayers, it would then form beautiful crystals.

Water is extremely receptive to positive and negative thought vibration and energy. Since our bodies are mainly composed of water, this is a staunch reminder to keep our thoughts and words positive.

If thoughts can do that to water... imagine what our thoughts can do to us.

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