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Want to become a manifestation master?

Manifestation MasterBrainwave entrainment can help you rapidly learn a powerful manifestation technique.

If you don't have the time or interest to properly learn how to use meditation (though you should try, it's really very helpful), listening to binaural beats or isochronic tones is your best bet. You can easily relax into a meditative state quickly - without any real work on your part.

The manifestation recording from Unexplainable Store can help you develop the ability for near instant manifestation. While listening to the MP3, you will first enter into a state of relaxation, effectively quieting the conscious mind.

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What are Binaural Beats?

Binaural beats consist of two separate frequency waves. When played independently into each ear, the brain reacts by creating a third tone. This third tone makes up the difference between the two.

For instance, if the tone in the left ear is 120Hz and the one in the right is 100Hz, your brain will create 110Hz, causing a Shift In Consciousness. Using this technology, your brain can be programmed to weed out interferences. This will open up the communication channels inside your mind that are blocked by your own consciousness.

Isochronic Tones are similar, but much more effective. They also use equal intensity tones, but the pulse speed is faster, which causes the brain to synchronize with the rhythm.

Law of Attraction and Manifestation Master

Manifestation Master Recording

The first step of the recording will relax you, and quiet your conscious mind. At this point, you are lowered into a Theta (twilight) state for a short period of time.

Then you will be moved into an extremely high Alpha state where critical thinking and epiphanies abound.

At this point, you will need to be aware of the power of your words. Make sure you focus on and speak of what you want.

Be sure to replace any negative thoughts with positive ideas. Especially while listening, when you are much more conducive to radical manifestation.

If you are listening to Binaural Beats, you must use headphones. But, Isochronic tones do not require the use of headphones.

I normally listen to the recordings while going to sleep and found headphones quite uncomfortable. Since I am a side sleeper, one of my ears would always be sore in the morning.

So, I upgraded to the more efficient isochronic version and plugged my iPod into my pillow.

Ellery Sound Asleep Comfort Pillow with Built-in Speaker

When I wake up, I am no longer tangled in headphone wires. And the speaker on the pillow is quite good.

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