How to Manifest Money

Manifesting abundance is not as hard as you may make it out to be.

Manifest MoneyIf you want to manifest money, you must recognize that life is meant to be abundant. If it is not, there is something inside of you preventing it from happening.

You must become a willing receiver. This will most likely involve moving out of your comfort zone. Feel worthy and believe in simple abundance.

Others have done it. So can you!

Money Magnet

If you vibrate wealth, then by the powerful Law of Attraction, money must come to you.

How do I vibrate wealth? Think thoughts that make you feel rich. These will crowd out the feelings that are keeping you from attracting abundance.

Money MagnetYou can become a money magnet by appreciating any amount of money that comes your way. This will bring more money into your life.

You may need to reset your financial blueprint, as T. Harv Ecker teaches. Gay Hendricks calls this your Upper Limit. This is the amount of money you are willing to receive into your life.

Your mind will try to keep you in your comfort zone. When something out of the ordinary occurs, say you manifest money, your mind will flash warning signals, in an attempt to keep you where you are.

This is why the vast majority of lottery winners inevitably end up in the same financial environment they were in before they won. Increasing your set points and upper limits will allow you to receive and keep financial windfalls.

Law of Abundance

Manifest Money ThoughtsThere is no lack. Only that which is created by our own limiting thoughts. If you believe there is not enough money, that will be your experience. The trick is to feel abundant in your mind and heart. If you can do this continually, rather than focusing on your current (but temporary) reality, your situation will change to match the picture in your mind.

Use the Law of Abundance to attract what you want. By only giving attention to what you desire in your life, you are not focusing on things which are displeasing to you. Crowd out those thoughts with what you want.

Learn to leverage the Law of Abundance.

Prosperity Affirmations

The trick to successful use of wealth affirmation, or any affirmation is to use a phrase that light you up inside. Take a look at the suggestions below and rephrase it in your own words. Make sure it feels exciting to you.

I deserve to be rich.

I create wealth easily and effortlessly.

My income grows day by day.

I am now accumulating large sums of money.

I believe anyone can be wealthy and that includes me.

You can try putting these into your own words, or create something entirely new. One of my favorites is, "I am rolling in big, fat cash."

Believe in Your Ability to Manifest Money


A belief is only a thought you keep thinking

You truly can have abundance. Wealth will come to you when you believe you can have it.

Abraham says a belief is only a thought you keep thinking. So, keep thinking wealthy thoughts. You will soon change your beliefs.

And you will have abundance and prosperity.