Lester Levenson and The Sedona Method

Lester LevensonAt the age of 42, Lester Levenson, was sent home to die.

Though wildly successful in career and money matters, he was unable to solve his numerous health and physical problems which included:

  • appendicitis
  • depression
  • hyper acidity
  • jaundice
  • kidney stones
  • migraines
  • persistent pain
  • perforated ulcers

After his second heart attack, his doctor sent him home with no positive expectation. Arriving in his penthouse overlooking Central Park, Lester considered the fact that his morphine supply was enough to provide a comfortable coma. But, he had always been a fighter, and as long as he had a breath in him, he would find a way.

An extremely intelligent man, he was well versed in the subjects of:

  • philosophy
  • physics
  • psychology
  • medicine

He thought to himself, "Lester for a smart guy, you are stupid, stupid, stupid." If the answers to his current dilemma were there, surely he would not be in his current predicament.

Lester Levenson Discovers Authentic Happiness

Lester Levenson Authentic HappinessLester dismissed all the book knowledge he had attained and began to search inside himself for answers. He scrutinized his body, mind and emotions, asking himself - "What am I? What is this world? What is my relationship to it? What do I want from it?"

Just asking these question helped him feel lighter. He knew he was on the right track.

In thinking about past loving relationships, he realized that true happiness came when he was loving someone else. Although, he appreciated being loved, he understood that true happiness came from within - not from others.

Maybe, if he took this a step further, he could learn to expand this sense of love for others. At this point, his doctor came to his mind. While, he was still extrememly hurt over the prognosis he had been given, for his own sake, Lester gave it a try.

It was too easy. He felt a big shift inside as he expressed love for his doctor. Not completely trusting the feeling, he tried it again, "Dr. Schulz, I love you." Lester's grin surprised even himself.

Painstakingly, Lester did this exercise on everyone in his life. While this thought shifting took much longer on some people than others, he found it was fairly simple to switch from disdain to love on just about everybody. Except for Nettie...

When he thought of his lost love, he demanded, "It can’t be finished, I won’t let it be."

Releasing Technique Discovered by Lester Levenson

But, the strong words finally hit him. He realized that he was still trying to control this event 20 years after the fact. The source of his hurt had been discovered. Finally, he said, "Screw that" and let it go. In remembering Nettie and he the way they used to be, his despair lifted as he simply loved her.

The epiphany hit him and he stopped trying to control anything, from Nettie, the government and the world.

As he wrestled with the though of, "What is my mind?", he realized that everything that had ever happened to him occurred because of his prior thoughts. He felt remendous freedom when he realized that his happiness was up to him. And under his control.

Three months went by and he realized that not only was he miraculously alive - he was ecstatic. He had gone from a complete physical wreck to enjoying absolute wellness.

The Law of Vibration - a Lester Levenson Experiment

Sedona Method CourseHe tried an experiment to show that the mind has no limits. Only those which are self-imposed.

In an effort to prove that he could manifest at will, he decided to visit Los Angeles. He packed his luggage, but did not bring any cash. Within a block, he ran into an old friend with whom he had lost contact. This friend owed him money and was happy to pay him back on the spot. This took care of his air fare. During the entire trip, friends miraculously appeared at the right time and place offering accommodations and transport. Airline seats for his return flight appeared on just the right plane - even though all flights were booked solid, for an entire month. He returned to New York just as he had left – with no money.

The technique Lester Levenson discovered was soon catalogued in what is now known as The Sedona Method. The only battle we must face is that which controls our thoughts and emotions. And that power is within us all.

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