What is the Law of Vibration?

The Law of Vibration is the basis for the Universal Laws of Attraction.

Have you ever noticed how raindrops hitting a puddle create ripples? They travel outward in all directions from the point of impact. The ripples are caused by vibrations. In fact, everything in the universe vibrates, and some of the vibrations can be sensed by one or more of our five senses. Others cannot.

Law of Vibration

But just because some vibrations cannot be sensed by the traditional five senses, doesn't mean they don't exist. Everything vibrates. You can take a chunk of any solid matter, and if you look at it on a molecular level, you'll discover that it vibrates.

The Law of Vibration is a creative resource, and you can learn to become conscious of the vibrations in your life and the power that those vibrations have in changing your life for the better.

Awareness of Thought Vibration is the First Step

Just being aware of the law of vibration - that the vibrations you send out into the universe determine the vibrations you receive - can give a novice on the subject the beginning of understanding vibrations and the power they have to change lives. Everything that exists, whether you can sense it or not, has a rate of vibration.

Think of the breeze. While you can see the leaves on trees flutter when wind hits them, and though you can feel the cooling effect of wind on your face, you can't see the wind itself or catch it in your hand.

Why is the Law of Vibration Important?

The vibrations you send out are the same kinds of vibrations you will receive. In other words, like attracts like. You get what you give. If you send out positive vibration frequencies, those are the kinds of vibrations you'll get back.

While we can experience some vibrations, like seeing the ripples of water on a puddle or feeling the wind on our face, there are many vibrations that cannot be sensed by our traditional senses. But if you learn to align your thoughts and actions with positive vibrations, you can learn to intentionally attract the events, conditions, and circumstances you want into your life.

Develop an appreciation for the Law of Vibration. Learning about the magnetic force of the Law of Attraction. This will empower you to attract things that may seem to be wishful thinking.

You have a choice.

Become conscious of the negative thoughts that attract the very things you fear. Doing this will allow you to change them to positive thoughts that harmonize with the positive vibrations of the universe. Once you can do this, you will gradually replace the negative vibrations with positive ones. And when that happens you'll create a life of fulfillment and abundance.

The Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction

The Law of Vibration is closely related to the Law of Attraction. We've all heard the phrase "Like attracts like." Well, the same is true of vibrational energy. Vibrational energy resonates with energy that is like it. Since everything in the universe has vibrational energy, changing the vibrations you send out will only attract things that vibrate in harmony with those vibrations.

Raise Vibration

Our minds are filled with the self-limiting beliefs that we've accumulated since childhood. Our belief systems are big determinants of the reality we live every day. By changing your belief system through changing your thoughts, you can create a new, better, and more positive reality.

Thoughts are Things

What happens in life occurs first in your mind.

Thoughts are made from vibrational energy, and they attract things and events that resonate with that energy. Therefore, if your thoughts dwell on negatives like fear and hate, the vibrations your thoughts send out will attract things and events that resonate with that fear and hate.

The Law of Attraction doesn't just mean you "wish" for something hard enough and it will come true. There is actually much more to it. But the beginning of attracting the things you want into your life is learning to change negative thoughts to positive ones, and keeping your own vibrational level harmonious with the good vibrations of the universe.

Once you can do that, you will have more power over the quality of your life than you ever imagined.