Hawaiian Secret for Releasing

Hooponopono is a powerful Hawaiian tool for personal change.

It comes from the belief that we all are responsible for our own reality. This problem solving technique acknowledges that it is our own beliefs that affect the way people react to us. If we believe people are intending to harm us, then they will do us harm. In order to change this, we must first clear our mind of the beliefs that created the reality.

Hooponopono is defined in the Hawaiian Dictionary as "mental cleansing: family conferences in which relationships were set right through prayer, discussion, confession, repentance, and mutual restitution and forgiveness."

In other words, it offers problem solving strategies to make it right.

Hawaiian Code of Forgiveness

Hooponopono is based on the premise that when we forgive others, we are really forgiving ourselves.

It is composed of correcting wrongs, including:

  • Hala - to miss something aimed for, or to err, disobey
  • Hewa - to go overboard or do something to excess
  • Ino - to do harm, with hate in mind, even if accidental

Early Hawaiian historians documented their belief that illness was caused by breaking kapu (spiritual laws). And the illness could not be cured until the sufferer atoned. This often included the assistance of a praying priest (kahuna pule) or a healing priest (kahuna lapaʻau). Forgiveness should be sought from either the gods or the person with whom there was a dispute.

The ancient belief system required a healer to mediate with a family group. Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona updated the ancient practice of reconciliation. No longer is it a long process requiring a mediator or the entire family.

Family reconciliation can be performed by bringing in the three parts of the mind, the subconscious, conscious and superconscious. While some believe it involves reconciling with the universe (Universal Mind or God), how it works, doesn't matter.

What is Hooponopono?

Based on the principle of 100% personal responsibility, Hooponopono teaches us to take responsibility for the actions of all, instead of just our own. When you take complete responsibility for your life, everything you see, hear, taste, touch, or experience is your responsibility. Because it is in your life. The problem is not with your external reality. It is with ourselves.

In order to change our reality, we must change ourselves. Total responsibility teaches that everything we experience is a projection from our inside. It can be considered a modified version of the philosophy of solipsism.

Does Hooponopono Work?

One of the followers of Morrnah Simeona was a traditional university-trained physician, Dr. Hew Len. To his great surprise, Morrnah healed his daughter of bleeding shingles, something he and modern medicine could not do after trying for over 10 years. Now a believer, he investigated this miracle cure, signing up for a seminar (in 1982) and completing the training. Even though much of the seminar did not follow his traditional belief system, he continued to study under Simeona's tutelage. But, the system was a bit too cumbersome for him, so he simplified it.

Dr. Len then became the staff psychologist for the Hawaii State Hospital. His duties involved working with the toughest unit - working with the criminally insane. The staff had to shackle most of the patients because it was too dangerous not to keep them restrained. Before Dr. Len, that ward had a revolving door of therapists that attempted to solve the patients' problems. Each one became frustrated and left within a month.

Dr. Len approached the patients from a different angle. He has a strong belief:

"All people are perfect creations from the divine, but appear imperfect because of preconceived ideas of each individual."

To the surprise of many, it started to work. Dr. Len cleared his mind of past memories and practiced Ho'oponopono. He simply removed preconceived ideas about someone or something and allowed the individual to move toward perfection.

He viewed his patients as much more than a file, or someone encountered on a walk through the ward. As he viewed each person, he acknowledged his previous belief system about their criminal acts and cleared them.

Amazingly, within three months there were great changes within the ward. Things became silent, violence slowed and the ward became more peaceful. The workers asked how he accomplished this feat and when he showed them, they began to practice it as well. In less than two years, most of the seclusion rooms for violent patients were eliminated and the vast majority of patients recovered. After four years, there was no need for a criminally insane ward. The state closed it.

How Do I Use It?

Ho'oponopono clearing is simple. It involves four phrases:

  • I love you
  • Please forgive me
  • I am sorry
  • Thank you

These powerful phrases allow you to clear all negative beliefs, let go and let the divine powers put your universe back into the state of perfection it meant you to have. There are steps involved for those that wish to delve further, but this simple mantra combined with clearing thoughts can lead you to a more perfect life.