Hay House Radio

Hay House is a publishing company that offers self-help as well as new thought subjects. Hay House Radio is also known as "radio for the soul."

Founded by Louise Hay in 1987, Hay House Publishing, has created self-help guides a variety of topics, including

  • alternative health
  • astrology
  • business
  • education
  • environmental issues
  • finance
  • food and nutrition
  • men's and women's issues
  • new age and new thought
  • philosophy
  • psychology
  • sociology

In March 2005, Hay House Inc, expanded to launch an Internet based radio station - Hay House Radio Network - which now broadcasts weekly radio shows, featuring a variety of prominent Hay House authors.

Some of its most well-known and respected authors have written books not only on the topics above, but also cover one of the most interesting topics - the Law of Attraction. Esther Hicks has written several books, through automatic writing (via her PC) while channeling Abraham Hicks.

Law of Attraction through Hay House Radio

Hay House Radio makes it easy to learn Abraham's affirmations and confirmations. The same ones provided to Esther Hicks. It is as simple as joining the network and playing it through your computer speakers. You will learn about the amazing secrets that Abraham gave to Esther to understand the secrets to wealth.

The majority of it can be easily summed up as merely believing in yourself. We need to see ourselves receiving superior gifts from life. This is what we deserve. We have earned these things. It is Abraham Hicks' definitive conviction that we, as human beings, already inherently hold the power within ourselves to be anything we desire to be.

Further, that belief encompasses the idea that since you are indeed a creator, you are already creating with each thought you have. As a result, when you believe in wealth, then it stands to reason that it must be so. This kind of thinking will bring forth affirmation and confirmation in line with the natural powers we have. Learn how to use Abraham's Laws of Attraction to vibrate within us and thus create abundance.

Fascinating Subjects

The Radio Network features incredible programs surrounding fascinating subjects.

For example, what is the significance of December 21, 2012? The Mayans believe this will be the end of the world.

Are things not turning out the way you'd like? Maybe you are inadvertently sabotaging yourself and self-fulfilling the thwarting of your own destiny.

Hear empowering ways to use your own inner survival forces. We all have them, and the answers are innate. Learn to tune into your gut.

Timely Topics

Harsh times, such as this current recession, tend to erode our belief in our own strength. They make it difficult to feel good about and have confidence in ourselves. The Law of Attraction can help us get over these self limiting beliefs. LOA is systematically presented via the Hay House Radio Network. Listening to these powerful messages can help bring out the very best in you. You will no longer worry about your future. Instead, you will have gained inner self-confidence. And you will feel much more at ease with your decisions for the future.

There is so much good help and information there. I encourage you to give them a listen.