Esther and Jerry Hicks

Esther and Jerry Hicks provide information from a wise body of consciousness known as Abraham.

Esther and Jerry Hicks

Seth SpeaksIt started in 1984. Friends of the couple urged them to make an appointment with a woman who could answer questions. "She speaks with spirits!" While Esther was hesitant, Jerry excitedly made the appointment. Jerry had been interested in answers from the other side since reading Seth Speaks.

During their session, the woman, Sheila, was able to channel a non-physical entity named Theo. Esther sat in silence, but Jerry had so many questions that their 30 minute session was over quickly. As they left, Esther realized she was overcome with a strong feeling of well-being. She told Jerry she had some questions for Theo and would like to come back.

Esther asked, "How can we more effectively obtain our goals?" The answer was, "Meditation and affirmations." Meditation did not appeal to Esther. But she relaxed after being told to sit in comfortable clothes and focus on her breathing whenever her mind would wander. She asked about a helpful affirmation and was given:

"I [your name] see and draw to me, through divine love, those Beings who seek enlightenment through my process. The sharing will elevate us both now."

Then Theo told said something that surprised them both. Esther and Jerry Hicks were told that they were both channels. Esther was further told that she would soon learn the name of her spirit guide.

They went home and meditated. Three back-to-back sessions of 15 minutes each. During the last session, Esther felt something overcoming her, she described it as something "breathing her body." It was an ecstatic feeling - Jerry said it looked like she was writing in ecstasy. They continued their daily meditation sessions. Nine months later, during meditation, Esther felt her head slowly swaying from side to side.

Esther Hicks and Abraham Hicks

She soon realized that her nose was spelling letters in the air. This is how she learned that her spirit guide was a collective consciousness named Abraham. Abraham Hicks was born.

Esther picks up blocks of thought, like radio signals that she is then able to communicate. During the translation process, Esther has no awareness of what is coming, or time for recollection of what has already been communicated.

The process has since evolved. One occasion, she was driven to sit at her computer and type out the messages she was receiving. She typed out the information Abraham was communicating to her, completely unaware of what it was or what it meant. The next step was a feeling that she thought was a yawn. It was so strong, she could not stifle it. Then she realized it was Abraham speaking through her.