The Double Slit Experiment correlates with the Observer Effect

Remember the old saying that a watched pot never boils? The Double Slit Experiment proved that simply observing something can actually change its behavior.

What is the Double Slit Experiment?

The Double Slit experiment was designed by Thomas Young in 1803.

He created a solid board with two openings on it. The assumption was that shining a flashlight through the two slits would create two separate blocks of light on the wall behind the board.

Instead, an "interference pattern" created several blocks of light in a row on the back wall. The same effect was seen with water waves. Solid matter behaves differently. When marbles are shot through a single slit, one line is created on the backdrop. Similarly, when the marbles were shot through two slits, double lines appeared.

Electrons (tiny particles of matter) behaved differently. One line was seen with a single opening, but two openings showed an interference pattern.

  • Why would small pieces of matter (electrons) behave differently than marbles?
  • Are the electrons bouncing off each other and creating that pattern?

To find out what was happening, electrons were shot through the double slits one at a time. This should avoid any interference.

But, after an hour, several lines appeared on the backdrop. How was this possible?

A single electron leaves as a particle, becomes a wave of potential, goes through both slits and interferes with itself. It can also go through one slit, the other, or neither.


Observer Effect

The scientists then set up a monitoring device to see exactly where each particle went. Surprisingly, this simple act of observation caused the electron to pass through one slit or the other, similar to a marble composed of solid matter.

It acted differently. As if it was aware it was being watched. Two bands were seen on the backdrop, instead of the interference pattern seen without the measuring device. The scientists theorized that an observer can collapse the wave function simply by observing it.

Nothing exists until it is observed. Read more about the Observer Effect.

Dr Quantum Physics Double Slit Experiment

All matter contains electrons. And the physical realm fuses with the mind via the electron.

Quantum physics has shown that the simple act of focusing on something can change the outcome.