Cosmic Ordering

Ask For What You Want

If you've seen The Secret, you will remember the genie, "Your wish is my command."

This cosmic ordering, asking for what you want, is the easy part.

What you need to do is be clear about defining your goal.

And write it down!

If you desire a certain amount of money, you may find it helpful to write a check to yourself for whatever amount you wish to attain. Jim Carrey used the blank check technique very successfully.

What do you want?

cosmic ordering Send a clear sign to the Universe. Put as much detail into it as possible. Make an emotional connection to your desire. Really feel it in your heart as you ask for it. Or your results will be wishy washy.

Don't worry about how it will come to you. Ask, believing it will come, and you shall receive.

Let the Universe work out the details. Your job is to keep the vision alive.cosmic ordering wish book

Go ahead, use the universal wish book and ask for it.

Once you order it, do not worry that it may not come. Instead, act as if, and believe that you already have it.

Nothing happens unless first we dream.
~Carl Sandburg
Step 3 in Rules of Attraction - The Illusionist