Abraham Law of Attraction

Abraham Law of Attraction. What do the secrets of Abraham-Hicks ell us about this powerful law?

Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction

This is a fascinating story of the natural wisdom that vibrates through the energies of inspiration. Abraham brings affirmation as well as confirmation of our natural powers to use the Laws of Attraction to vibrate with and create wealth. Under the guidance of Abraham speaking through her, Esther was told the truths that she needed to understand the secret to wealth.

Much of it can be summed up as simply believing in oneself. Self-confidence is key. It is wrapped up in the need to see ourselves getting all the good things from life that we deserve. That we've earned. It is Abraham Hicks' staunch belief that we, as human beings, have the power to be whatever we choose to be. As a creator, you create your reality with every thought you have. Thus when you think of wealth, it must be so.

The Secrets of Abraham Hicks

Little by little, Esther Hicks typed out Abraham-Hicks' secrets

  • "The Law of Attraction"
  • "The Art of Allowing"
  • "Emotional Guidance System"

Understanding Abraham-Hicks

She no longer told what was, but what was to be. She knew then that all her thoughts were geared toward the fanciful, magical alignment of all those laws. That they were all deliberately aligned with Abraham's laws in order to bring her all that she needed. And that she finally had ultimate control over her desires.

Though she did not initially understand the power in the vibration, it had been there all along. Esther finally was able to see the positive mindset that creates her new reality.

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