Who is Abraham Hicks?

Abraham Hicks refers to two separate entities.

Abraham is self described as "a group consciousness from the non-physical dimension." Dr. Wayne Dyer calls them "the great Masters of the Universe!" According to Louise Hay, they are "some of the best teachers on the planet today."

Why the Hicks Reference?

Esther Hicks is a best selling author and motivational speaker. She refers to Abraham as "infinite intelligence." Her husband, Jerry Hicks, prefers to call them, "the purest form of love I've ever experienced."

Esther is able to bring forth the messages of Abraham through automatic writing. At first, she had trouble believing that Abraham was trying to speak through her.

Esther and Jerry Hicks

How did Abraham-Hicks come to be? Jerry had become interested in channeling since he read the book, Seth Speaks.

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Ask And It Is Given

Abraham told Esther that they would write a book together. In doing so, Esther Hicks soon learned that what Abraham wanted for her was exactly what she wanted for herself.

Abraham Hicks Ask And It Is GivenThe tips given to her were exactly what she needed for her own personal enlightenment. She learned that every component of her life, up to that point, had prepared her for the future experience which would come from the story she had to tell. She further learned that her life was an ever-improving story that could not help but to be!

Life was meant to go right for her. Her thoughts vibrated at a higher and higher frequency until she reached her goals through the law of attraction. She finally realized that she had known all along what her life's purpose was.

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Abraham Law of Attraction

The secrets spoken through Esther by the body of consciousness known as Abraham speak mostly about how to use the Law of Attraction. Their wisdom can be found in every writing as they provide the secret to a successful life.

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Abraham Hicks Quotes

Gain insights into the simple truths spoken by Abraham through Esther Hicks. The tips can provide great comfort and motivation to seek that which is yours by birthright.

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