7 Laws of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is actually comprised of 7 related laws. Here are the 7 Laws of Attraction.

  • The Law of Manifestation
    Thoughts are things. What you think about eventually manifests. The speed at which it takes place depends on the energy behind those thoughts. If you focus on wealth and prosperity and concentrate on feeling good, you will experience abundance. The same is true if you spend your time thinking about lack and scarcity and allow yourself to become depressed. Be careful what you wish for! Guard your thoughts and emotions, as they become reality.
  • The Law of Unwavering Desire
    Believe that what you want will come true. Have no doubt and do not allow yourself to feel any fear. Don't concentrate on how it will come to pass, instead, focus your energy on how great it will feel to have it. Know it is yours. You will be led in the direction you need to take (if any) to get it.
  • The Law of Delicate Balance/Harmony
    Gratitude and contentment are very important. Be thankful for what you have now, knowing things are improving while still living happily in the moment. Keep your mind on your desire, but do not contradict the Law of Unwavering desire by focusing on your desperation. Know that it will happen and enjoy living in the now.
  • The Law of Magnetism
    Forget what you learned in school about magnetism as this universal law does not follow the same rules. Magnetism in this case is not the attraction of opposite poles. The energy that you radiate determines your experience, positive or negative. Some may call this Karma, but what goes around comes around. Harness positive energy to attract what you want.
  • The Law of Synchronization
    Recognize that you are part of a greater consciousness. The universe really allows you to have, do, or be anything you choose. Plug into this energy by harboring a giving attitude and providing value for others. And so you will be rewarded.
  • The Law of Universal Influence
    As we are all connected by energy, you must be mindful of your deeds and vibrations. No matter how small it may seem, every thought you have and action you take affects us all. Be mindful of the influence you have on others. Exude positive energy and everyone benefits.
  • The Law of Conscience Action
    Wishing for what you want is not enough. Once you are clear about what it is you wish to manifest, you will normally have to take some action to align yourself with that goal. Start by doing what feels good while acting with dignity and honor. The actions you should take will be made clear to you. And the rewards will be yours.

Incorporate the 7 Laws of Attraction into your daily routine. The Universal Laws of Attraction will help you think, feel and act positive so you can attract whatever it is you truly desire.